What are the nation’s favourite pets?

April 7, 2021

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that dogs are the UK’s most popular pets, estimated at around 9 million, closely followed by cats at an estimated 8 million.

But given that there are some 51 million pets in the UK, according to the RSPCA and figures estimated by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, there are obviously a lot of other types of animals around. The team at AllPets thought it would be fun to find out the range of pets in Rhyl, Prestatyn and North Wales.

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April is National Pet Month when lots of organisations join forces to promote responsible pet ownership and increase awareness of the benefits of living with animals and the valuable role they can play in helping people through therapy or assistance.

So what better time to share your pet experiences? Share your funny stories and heartwarming tales involving your pets and upload a photo while you’re at it.

It’s easy for people to immediately think dogs and cats when they hear the word ‘pet’, but many pet owners share their homes with more unusual creatures, from insects and ferrets to snakes and horses, so there is a wide variety of interaction between humans and animals and we’re sure your stories will make for fascinating reading.

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